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Laser Micromachining System

Laser Micromachining System


Laser power upto 150 watt QCW/ upto 100 watt Femto or picosecond laser (Depends on selection) UV, IR or Green
Laser model Amplitude/ Coherent/Ekspla/OEM
Work size 600 x 300 mm max 300 x 300 mm with air bearing (Max) Custom size available on request..
Rotary axis 0 backlash up to 50 mm 0 backlash Custom size available on request..
Z axis 300 mm (5 micron accuracy) focus finder option available. precision Z axis available with positioni
Processing capablity Metals, Silicon, Galium arsenide, ceramics, glass, polymers and more (Depends on laser selection)
Cnc Controller Close Loop Cnc Controller with 2 Interpolated Axis Exandable to 6 Axis Interpolation
Controller Customised software as per your application. Synchronised with XY galvanometer.
Max Idle speed 5m/sec (Depends on selection of your project)
Linear acceleration 2.5 G
Resolution ≤±0.0001mm
Power 380V/50HZ, 380V/60HZ
Weight 7000KG apporx

Laser micro machining techniques are currently used by the automobile and medical industries as well as in the production of semiconductors and solar cell processing. Lasers for micro machining offer a wide range of wavelengths, pulse duration (From femto second to microsecond) and repetition rates (from single pulse to Megahertz). These attributes allow micro-machining with high resolution in depth and lateral dimensions.

The field of micro-machining includes manufacturing methods like drilling, cutting, welding as well as ablation and material surface texturing, whereby it is possible to achieve very fine surface structures ranging in the micrometer domain. Such processes require a rapid heating, melting and evaporation of the material. The use of extremely short nano- and pico-second and even femto-second pulse duration helps to minimise the thermal effects such as melting and burr formation thus eliminating the need for any post processing measures.

Benefits & Features :

  • Type of Lasers -  QCW Fiber, Nano Second, Pico Second, Femto Second, UV, IR or Green
  • Applications -  Micro Cutting, Micro Hole Drilling, Micro Milling, Dicing, Ablation, Engraving, Etching
  • Flexible design for all your micro machining requirements. The system can be configured as per your
  • Requirement.
  • 2 D plannar cutting with precision focus adjustment for dicing, stealth dicing or ceramic cutting
  • Accuracies up-to 1micron for 100mm travel. Special air bearing slides for higher accuracies
  • Add rotary axis for micro tube machining
  • Add short focus plannar Lens
  • Close loop scanner for submicron machining of precision parts
  • Add Trepanning for micro hole drilling from 0.25mm or lower & up-to 1mm.

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